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ur History
The Alopecia Areata Support Association was a voluntary group established in 1980 to provide information and support for people with alopecia (areata, totalis or universalis) and their family and friends. During 1980, as a result of media publicity given to a little girl in Sydney, a number of people with alopecia came together. The outcome of this meeting was the formation of the Alopecia Research and Information Foundation of Australia (A.R.I.F.A.) The establishment of the Victorian branch soon followed. This then became a fully constituted body, and in 1988 changed its name to the Alopecia Areata Support Association (Vic) Inc.

In 2014, in accordance with the AASA constitution, the requirements of Consumer Affairs Victoria, in consultation with our members and past committee members it was decided to close AASA in favour of a smaller and more focussed group “Alopecia Victoria”. This has allowed us to work with the support of the Skin and Cancer Foundation to create a number of informative and supportive events in 2015. These events included expert speakers and opportunities to develop skills such as how to talk about alopecia not only without embarrassment but with creativity and style!

We hope you will join us! Watch our news page!


Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata

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